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Finchaa sugar expansion project set for completion this year

The Ethiopian Water Works Construction Enterprise (EWWCE) is set to complete the expansion project of Finchaa Sugar Factory at a cost of more than half a billion birr in the current 2011/12 Ethiopian Fiscal Year. The consultancy company for the project is the Ethiopian Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise.
The sugar expansion project is set to irrigate an additional 7,500 hectares, so that more sugar cane can be planted.   
According to Kumelachew Abebe, Communications and Public relations process owner at EWWCE, the expansion project which so far is 86 percent complete.
Meanwhile 30 percent of the road network has been completed and 80 percent of the canals and side roads are finished.  The side roads are expected to interconnect the irrigation projects to the sugar cane farmland and finally to the sugar factory.
Kumelachew however stated that there has been a scarcity of machinery which has slowed progress of the project that was supposed to be completed last month.
The project had also cost the enterprise more than what it had initially projected by 418 million birr because of an increase in prices of construction materials. 
Kumelachew explains that the project will have 45.8 concrete canals which are the first of their kind and intended to minimize water seepage and siltation. This had been a problem in previous projects. Finchaa Sugar Factory’s expansion has around 500 daily laborers and over 100 employees from EWWCE.
The project was awarded to EWWCE in January 2007 and work began during the second half of that year.
The Ethiopian Water Works Construction Enterprise is a state owned enterprise functioning for over 60 years executing safe water supply projects throughout the nation. 
In recent years it has also been executing large scale and medium sized dam and irrigation projects totaling 150,000 hectares in different regional states of the country. Some of the other projects include the Kesem Kebena dam and irrigation project and Tendaho sugar dam and irrigation project.
Currently there are three state owned sugar factories including this one in Ethiopia, producing about 300 thousand quintals of sugar every year while because of the overwhelming public demand for sugar the corporation imports between 600 thousand and 1.8 million quintals of sugar annually.