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Nato, AU hold meetings in Addis

The Institute of Security Studies (ISS) in collaboration with NATO Defense College has organized a day long international symposium entitled “African Union (AU)-North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Collaboration: Implication and Prospects”.  The symposium was meant to provide a platform to share perspectives about the future of the AU-NATO relationship through discussions among experts, scholars, officials and policy makers. 
“As a continent of almost one billion inhabitants and great potential, Africa offers possibilities for cooperation and support in the security arena. Historical ties, geographical vicinity to Europe, climatic pressures, religious/ethical topics, and a large population of African origin in Europe make African security an ever more important issue for Europe and NATO,” said Lieutenant General Philip Stoltz, Commander of Joint Force Command in Lisbon in his opening remark last Thursday, here at the Sheraton Addis Hotel. 
According to reports, NATO seeks to support the African Standby Force and envisages signing an AU/NATO agreement in the near future.
“All viewpoints in the symposium coupled with the perspective of our friends in academia from all over the African continent as well as Europe and North America form a powerful analytical combination indeed,” said Lieutenant General Arne Bard Dalhaug, Commandant of NATO Defense College, without pointing the views discussed in the symposium.    
ISS is a Pan-African Organization that undertakes applied policy research, training as well as technical assistance.