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‘Yeshi Gabecha’ underway

One thousand lucky couples will tie the knot at the same time this June in Addis Ababa.
“This is not just a wedding,” said Tsewaye Muluneh, vice CEO of Eminence Social Entrepreneurs.
“Yeshi Gabecha”, the union of a thousand couples will allow people who otherwise could not afford to have a beautiful ceremony and special memory that will last a lifetime.  
Nearly all major expenses; the musicians clothing and food will be covered although couples are asked to contribute something.
“If the whole thing was for free we know it would be taken for granted,” she said.
The amorous pairs will also participate in other ways such as taking part in pre marital counseling. 
“We care about the marriage institution, that is why we have the criteria; we want to give the chance to couples who understand what commitment means,” said Tsewaye. 
Twelve million birr is being spent on the event that will include and celebrate the culture and tradition of couples from all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.
Blen Fitsum, Event and Media Director, says that most of the cost will be covered by sponsors.
It is not the first time this kind of event has been organized in Addis Ababa; “Sergachen 90”, was a mass wedding held in 1998.
“It has been a year since we started ‘Yeshi Gabecha’, it took a long time because we had to familiarize ourselves with the process,” said Tsewaye.
Last month government officials, religious leaders, people in business and prominent personalities met at the Sheraton Addis to plan for ‘Yeshi Gabicha 2012’.
“We got a lot of good feedback from the guests. We understand 1,000 is a large number and we have to work hard preparing,” Said Blen.
Apart from the brides and grooms people who work in the HIV and disability fields will also be invited.
Eminence is planning to make “Yeshi Gabecha” an annual event. They also are working to create a TV show to educate people about the skills and responsibilities of having a successful marriage. Eminence Social Entrepreneurs is a P.L.C. that was established in 2010 with a mission to serve the society through new and innovative ideas.