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Walia faces a high hill to mount in the return leg

A shocking goalless draw with visitors Benin, Ethiopian national side “Walia” faces a high hill to mount in the 2013 African Nation’s qualification campaign return leg in four months time. Despite the creation of half a dozen golden goal chances, the sell out home crowed at Addis Ababa stadium booed head coach Sewnet Bishaw for the frustrating score line. Though the selection two weeks back was full of chaotic controversies and the the first 18 players were not known until the final minutes Sewnet managed a side spear headed by the country’s best strikers  Oumed Oukri letter substituted by  last year joint top scorers Adane Girma paired with leading premier league top scorer Getaneh Kebede.
The visitors most of them European based tall and heavily built appeared to stick to their head coach former French international Manuel Amoros’ game plan that is “stay on your half and go for zonal marking.” Being professional players that know what tactical discipline is the Benin giants including England based Sunderland player followed order till last. However it is more to luck and their goalkeeper’s personal effort that saved the day for the visitors happy to go home sharing a point. “We are lucky for the draw but sure we will defeat you in the return leg” Amoros remarked after the game. On the other hand Swenet’s squad miraculously managed to create so many goal chances thus in the absence of midfield big names like Coffee’s Mesoud Mohammed & Dawit Estifanos or Saints’ Shimeles Bekele seem to have no difference for the ball reached strikers properly and so many times but only for the misfiring of the strikers. Why he took out Oumed instead of taking out one of the two strikers and bring in Adane for additional power could be reasonable question that needs some clarification from the head coach with out his assistant Seyoum Kebede on the bench. As usual Sewnet was once again for a controversial statement on ETV that he does not know why the public stood against him. The answer is simple because he settled for a frustrating home draw with a side that came only to defend. Is that not enough reason for the fans strong opposition?