Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Contribution to dam building continues

Government employees and the public in Bale Zone, Oromia state, have contributed over the last six months, the Zonal Renaissance Dam construction Secretariat office said. Office Director Tilahun Fekade said that plan is set to collect over 30 million birr during the current Ethiopian fiscal year for the same purpose. To this end, activities are underway to establish a mechanism to collect the intended sum through mobilizing the public in the area, the director said. Activities are underway to collect over 62 million birr from farmers through bond sale, the director said. The buying of the bond will contribute share in the efforts of promoting saving culture among the public, he said. A government employee in Sinana woreda of the zone, Abdissa Kitila, said he will buy a 60,000 birr worth bond. A businessman in Ginir Town of the Zone, Aschalew Kassa on his part said he bought a 20,000 birr worth of bond for construction of the Dam. The office plans to collect over 490 million birr through bond sale in the coming five years, he said. The Dam which is the biggest hydropower plant in Africa, has the capacity to generate 5250 Mega Watts of electricity and hold 63 billion cubic meters of water.
(The Ethiopian Herald)