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Heritage preservation being strengthened

Activities on preservation of heritages are being strengthened with participation of the public in North Gondar Zone of Amhara state, the zonal culture and tourism department said. Heritage preservation, development and utilization process coordinator with the department, Yilika Demissew said prime attention is being given to taking care of heritages in the area. Yilikal said participation of the public contributed towards the ongoing activities to identify, enumerate, and register heritages. Accordingly, 12 immobile and nearly 120 mobile heritages were registered in five woredas of the zone during the last six months. Awareness raising education on the significance of heritage preservation was provided to more than 63,000 people. He said the situation is being created to register heritages and also utlize them for tourim development. Nine of Ethiopia’s heritages are inscribed by UNESCO as the world heritage. Two of the sites are located in the zone.  The Semien Mountains Park is one of the first sites to be inscribed as World Heritage in 1978. Close to 100,000 tourists visit the sites annually.
(The Ethiopian Herald)