Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Liya Vlatko

Name: Liya Vlatko
Education: First Degree
Company name: Liya Trading
Title: Owner
Founded: 2011
What it does: Selling computers, computer accessories and other related materials
HQ: Helzer building, Bole Medhanealem
Number of Employees: Three
Startup capital: 150,000 birr
Current Capital: Growing
Reason for starting business: I wanted to be self reliant
Biggest plus of ownership: Being my own boss
Biggest strength: I am a survivor, whatever happens I always survive 
Biggest weakness: I love challenge but it sometimes affects me
Smartest Move: When I decided to start my own business
Biggest worry: I don’t really have any
Favorite task: Meeting different kind of people and entertaining different opinions from them
Most challenging task: Sometimes, I face some problems just because I’m a woman; some people don’t think you can do a good job because you’re a woman and that can sometimes be very difficult
Plan: To be more successful in my business
First Career: Sales Person
Most interested in meeting: I can’t think of anybody
Most admired person: My mother
Stress reducer: Swimming, reading and horse riding
Favorite past time: Hanging out with my friends
Favorite Book: “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho
Favorite Destination: Kenya and Langano
Favorite Automobile: Chevrolet
Favorite Film: None