Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Old rivals Saints, Electric neck to neck

Ethiopian football federation announced that the league season second round will kick-off on Sunday 18 March 2012.
Can Electric Football Club remain on top of the premier league table or would second place Saint George, with two games at hand but only a point behind, outpace them to snatch a record tenth title? It remains to be seen.

Saint George under Italian head coach Pileggi Danilo, are the favourites with five professional players on the side. The players include the Ugandan duos, a goal keeper and central defender. Last year’s top scorer Adane Girma is back to good form for the side. He scored four goals in two internationals.
On top of the league table almost from start to finish of the first round, Electric, is the surprise package taking top of the table for the first time since its relegation battle for four successive seasons.
A single selection to the national team for the club shows how Electric is more of a team work than individual effort.
Seven goals hero Nigerian Philip Dawzi scored the goals while others defend from own half for most of the time. More surprise is that of Electric that scored highest 26 goals, two emphatic wins over Arbaminch 6-0 and Air Force 4-0. It is amazing how a side without an average midfield could win games weeks in and weeks out. However Bulgarian head coach Jordan Stoikov says he has the answer. Many doubt Electric’s long stay on the table can be maintained during the second round that would take the club for six away matches.
With the tight competition unfolding, Ethiopian premier league season, whose first round came to an end six weeks ago, fans are eagerly waiting for its restart.