Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Oromia stages third All Ethiopian Games

The biggest sport festival in the country “All Ethiopian Games” kicks off today at the Oromia region, disclosed the organizers. The host is ready for the reception of more than 4000 participants from all over the nation.
All Ethiopian Games third edition that brings together all regions plus three City administrations including the capital Addis Ababa takes place in three different Oromia towns, Adama, Bishoftu and  Assela. The major events take place in Adama Town just hundred kilometers east of the capital. For the first time in staging the ones in two years national sport festival Oromia organized venues for seventeen disciplines including Swimming and table Tennis tournaments. The main venue for the event Adama stages the major sport events including much anticipated football tournament at Adama Abebe Bikila stadium while swimming and Ground Tennis take place in Debrezeit forty-five kilometers from Addis Ababa. Athletics, the most popular sport in Oromia takes place in Assela at the state of the art 44 million birr track. Home to world renowned Ethiopian athletes Haile Gebreselassie, Derartu Tulu, Kenenisa Bekele, Trunesh Dibaba and so long a list to mention, the region sport commissioner announced that Oromia awaits her thousands of guests  expected to grace the two weeks All Ethiopian Games sport festival from March 11-25, 2012. All participating regions and city administrations held their own regional games to select best athletes for the latest ALL Ethiopian Games third edition.