Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Natan Mesfen

Name: Natan Mesfen
Education: MA in management and BSC in computer engineering

Company name: Prolab Data Care Company
Studio title: owner
Founded: 2009
What it does: Recovering data from hard discs and damaged servers, provides crash proof software
HQ: Bole Medhanealem Helzer Building
Number of Employees: Six
Startup capital: 100,000 birr
Current capital: growing

Reason for starting business: Big companies always have problems with their systems crashing and they would have to go abroad to find solution; so we wanted to provide that service here in our country
Biggest plus of ownership: Being flexible and innovative
Biggest strength: Uniqueness and bringing new ideas
Biggest weakness: Unable to be exposed in the area we work in
Smartest Move: Starting the business and having the courage to do the kind of business we do
Biggest worry: Some individuals and companies work illegally, using pirated software and they don’t pay their taxes properly which will affect us heavily
Favorite task: Providing our service to people who are in need
Most challenging task: Getting a license and an appropriate place to set up the business was challenging 
Plan: To expand the business, go into other fields and work with big companies in and outside of the country
First Career: Businessman
Most interested in meeting: Bill Gates
Most admired person: Mark Zuckerberg
Stress reducer: Reading
Favorite past time: Watching movies and listening to music
Favorite Book: “The Atlantis” By Juan A. Estrella.
Favorite Destination: Bangkok, Thailand
Favorite Automobile: Chevrolet
Favorite Film: “The ShawaShank Redemption”