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Institute graduates 83 students

The Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EiABC) of the Addis Ababa University graduated 83 students with first degree upon completion of training in regular and continuing programs. Eleven of the graduates are female. University Academic Affairs Vice-President Dr. Jeilu Oumer on the occasion said Ethiopia needs skilled Manpower particularly in the fields of technology, engineering and science.
Dr. Jeilu said the government has given prime attention to strengthening an autonomous technology institute within the system of universities and is continuously working on building their capacity to enable them to produce competent professionals.
The university is striving to produce skilled manpower in its under and post-graduate programs, Jeliu said. EiABC Managing Director Dr. Karola Hahn also said the day marks a first day of a new era of life and professional trajectory for graduates. Institute Scientific Director Joachim Dieter said the students received training in the areas of building, construction technology and management for the last five years.
EiABC was established as an autonomous institute under the umbrella of the Addis Ababa University to foster development, capacity and competitiveness of industries in the field of Architecture, Design, Construction, Urbanism, Environmental Planning, Management and Technology.
(The Ethiopian Herald)