Ministry of Agriculture suspends land provisions


The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has suspended the provision of land for investment purposes due to self-assessment. The ministry is also in the process of reviewing its internal structure and inspecting the work and that is being conducted on the lands. 
“Though we suspended the land provision for the time being, we will be considering the facts and we will be providing the lands for big projects,” Isayas Kebede, director of investment supporting directorate said.
Ever since the ministry had established investment supporting directorate, a total of 342,099 hectares of lands had been given to local and foreign investment companies.
According to documents, most of the investors did not use the lands that they had taken for the intended purposes. Many people have been complaining that the investors were embanking on aggressive land grabbing which had resulted in destroying environmental resources.
Environmental activists have disclosed that the ministry must evaluate the status of the land that investors were provided with before making more land available to investors.
(The Ethiopian Reporter)