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Con.Com links construction industry players

A new reference catalog, produced by MCS General Trading, to provide easier access to information about construction in Ethiopia called Con.Com was inaugurated Tuesday March 27, at Harmony Hotel.
The reference catalog, which took a year to make, consists of 60 categories, more than 250 companies and 360 input services. Its name, Con.Com, stands for construction and communication. The category includes production and the service sector which has a list of companies, services and their contact information.
Peter Gatkuoth Gey, State Minister of Communication and Information Technology was present at the event. He said the catalog will be very useful because it will save money, time and energy by providing proper and accurate information. MSC in cooperation with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology will also be providing information to the public through its website.
“The Ministry will continue to support citizens that will and are investing in the construction industry so they can benefit from ICT,” said Peter.
“Part of the Government’s five year growth and transformation plan is to make Ethiopia a middle income country. To accomplish this, the construction industry plays around 70 percent of the role. This catalogue will link material providers and buyers, making it easier for people to get the information they need,” said Asefa Kesito, Special Advisor to President Girma Wolde Giorgis, who was present at the inauguration ceremony.
MCS General Trading Plc provides consulting and training on management and sales to company employees. It is also involved in advertising and providing materials for construction.