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Ethiopian Coffee in dangerous cross-road

Ethiopian Coffee supporters are calling for the sacking of head coach Wubetu Abate who led them to their first ever premier league championship title in 14 seasons. Whether the head coach is sacked or not the big issue is not about booting him out, but rather who to replace him with.
Being most popular side in the country, it is always under pressure anyone coming to the hot seat. Supporters have no patience with whoever comes unless they deliver wins after wins then titles after titles. Seyoum Abate, currently unemployed was the only one that understood Coffee thus coming and going out in several occasions. Though good in his coaching ability his personality and attitude was the problem that denied the team a deserved championship title. Since then many have come and gone including Abraham T/Haimanot, Worku Dergeba, Gebremedin Haile and others but no one other than Wubetu survived a full season. His survival is obviously for winning the title thanks to miraculous chances including title runner-up Saint George’s  unexpected draw with relegation struggling Electric. Though not a convincing side all through the league season Coffee claimed the coveted trophy and the main force for the victory Coffee’s famous supporters partying every where almost for a full month then culminated with handing over a brand new flashy automobile for Wubetu Abate who helped the side’s dream come true. Then comes the hardest part retaining the title. Here comes the most difficult time for everyone alike players, coaches, team leaders, board members, supporters  etc..
Even though it has tens of thousands of supporters there appears no one empowered to have  an ultimate decision making role like Electric’s general manager Miheret Debebe, Abnet G/Meskel of Saint George or Colonel Awol Mohammed of Dedebit. In retrospect Coffee has no one strong enough to captain the ship in times of trouble. Who is Coffee’s number one? Workshet Bekele, Fekade Mamo (CHENTO), the board chairman or supporters’ union president? Ethiopian Coffee needs someone behind with real charm, power, money and passion so that it can command the ship in testing times. Remember Coffee received a one million Birr gift from arch rival Saint George Petron Shekh Mohammed Al-Amoudi, Had there been someone big, real big in every way such issues that compromise the team’s  spirit would have never happend.  Let me say Coffee decided to sack Wubetu or the coach already with the flashy red car partly thanks to Saint’s supporters’ mockery decide to resign, who to replace him? Sewnet Bishaw or Wondemagne Kebede?