Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Meta springs back to life

Less than two months ago, Meta Beer was acquired by Diageo, an international beverage distributor and maker of leading brands like Johnnie Walker,


Smirnoff, Cirock, Guinnes and Baileys.
Since the takeover by Diageo, Meta located 30 Km from the capital has been highly visible everywhere in Addis Ababa through many media including the more than 20 attractive and noticeable Meta branded trucks that are rolling in different directions in the city.
Consumers seem to also be very excited about Meta’s comeback; “I am happy to get my favorite beer back in my neighborhood stores after many years of absence. I am hoping this will last considering the beer market is becoming very competitive”, said  Ato Berhanu, 45,  with a nostalgic view connecting with his visits at the Meta Park on weekends, many years ago.
“I had never tasted Meta before,” contemplated Samuel who is in his early twenties; “it’s a good beer and similar to international beverages”.
Despite the fasting season, the beer market in Ethiopia has remained very dynamic creating anticipation around the festive Easter season. 
Meta is the official sponsor of the much awaited album from Teddy Afro; ready to be released for Easter. 
Ato Elias is an owner of a bar who says that he has observed more people asking for Meta since the takeover.
“Meta sales people come and visit me frequently nowadays and I am happy to stock their products as many of my consumers have started asking for Meta now. We are also getting good support in promotional materials like openers, caps, t-shirts, posters,….look at my waiters and waitresses all wearing beautiful uniforms… they are now the ones reminding me to buy Meta premium, Meta normal and also Meta Draft. ”
The Meta rebirth started with several billboards unveiled across Addis the same day the brewery was handed over to Diageo.  The graphics on the billboards portray the natural park environment at Meta Brewery, emphasizing the unique Meta brand, “100% made from natural spring water” underlined by patriotic wavy “Tilet” that reflects the Ethiopian national flag and heroic ‘Gasha ena Tor’.
That day was the commitment date for all 1,200 employees who enjoyed the party held at Meta Abo Brewery’s amazingly unique park housed on 37 hectares plot of property. The commitment is to give the iconic brand an accelerated re-birth to reconnect with the millions of consumers the brand had lost before. The feast in the brewery lasted till late night, followed the next evening in different bars and restaurants in town, starting from the Stadium area. The Meta teams were also distinguishable from their uniform of red polo shirts and red hats symbolizing the company’s corporate colours. Meta’s presence around these areas is now completely transformed and highly visible in many areas that were previously dominated by rival St. George.