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Suspenseful “Honey Moon” defies genres

What do you do when your newly married wife is being followed and harassed by a clever, rich and mischievous stalker? What happens when the husband that’s supposed to protect her has a fatal personal weakness that can destroy him and his beloved wife? Well if you’re looking for answers to these questions the multi genre suspense filled film Honey Moon will keep you biting your nails.
The film’s plot revolves around a newlywed couple on a vacation from hell. The husband, played by the veteran screen and theatre actor Shimeles Abera, gets drunk, angry and eventually abusive to his wife played by Fitsum Tsegaye.
The rich, mischievous stalker played by another veteran screen and theatre actor Tesfu Berhane who also is staying at the couple’s vacation spot learns about the husband’s anger management issues and drinking problem. 
The stalker hopes to use the negative information against the husband in order to win the girl’s heart.
However, the husband does try to change and tries to understand his problem by asking his father and wife for help. Despite his problem their love for each other is apparent on screen.
His father tells him his violent reactions are because of what his aunt did to him when he was just a boy taking him to the rural area and subjecting him for 40 days to an “Abesho ritual” where he was placed in solitary confinement in order to make him strong and diligent in his studies.
An “Absho ritual” is an old custom carried out in some parts of Ethiopia in which young people are forced to drink a bitter yellow liquid repeatedly to make them stronger in life and particularly in their studies.
The husband, a chemist by tradition, after learning the reason for his troubles conducts a study on the “Abesh plant” from which Abesho originates and writes an acclaimed research paper on the medical uses of the plant.
Meanwhile, when the stalker is not able to get what he wants through persuasion, he decides to kill them.
The “Honey Moon” film shows the ever growing sophistication of local films’ screen writing. The non-stop action is also gripping and leaves you wanting more. 
The film was produced by Essag film production. The screen is written and directed by Esayas Gizaw; it has a duration time of one hour and 52 minutes. The film is currently being shown at Alem and Sebastopol cinemas.