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Taf victorious in Anbessa Bus fuel bid

Anbessa Bus has granted the rights to supply fuel and lubricant to the new kid on the block, Taf Oil.
The third home grown oil company, after NOC and Yetebaberut (YBP), is the first local firm to win a two year oil supply deal for the city bus company.
Sources at the enterprise told Capital that Anbessa Bus wrote a letter to the oil company Thursday March 29 announcing the winning of the bid. 
Taf joined the oil and lubricant business a year ago. It opened its first two gas stations around Gelan in eastern Addis and Burayu in western Addis.
The bid that cost 484 million birr means that the company will supply 26 million litres of diesel and 500 thousand litres of lubricants and greases in the coming two years for the transport enterprise.
For many years, the oil giant; Total Ethiopia was supplying the oil product for the city bus enterprise, which is under the Addis Ababa City Administration.
According to Damenu Kibret, public relation head of Taf Oil, his company will supply the oil product in three bus stations of the transport service enterprise located at Gergi, Shegole and Jemo. The two parties are expected to seal the supply deal this week.
Taf, a family owned Oil Company, was established with a 56 million birr investment. The company officially joined the Ethiopian oil sector in February 2011. 
Currently, Taf operates 11 retail stations throughout the country. Out of the 11 petrol stations it opened in 2011 eight are controlled via joint venture with other dealers while Taf owns three. It has also planted a depot that has the capacity to hold 500,000 litres of oil at Welenchiti, 120Km east of Addis Ababa.
The public relation head said that this month they will open five new gas stations. 
“In the coming budget year the number of petrol stations will grow to 25,” he added.
The American Based National Lube is a supplier of automotive and industrial oil and lubricants for the company. Tensay Aklilu, CEO of the company, said at the official inauguration ceremony, held in February 2011, that the company would open at least 15 Taf stations every year during the next five years.
Aklilu Zeleke’s family has been active in the Ethiopian oil business for the past three decades in partnership with Total Ethiopia.    
NOC was the first Ethiopian oil company, followed by YBP. Recently another local oil firm Dalol, joined the sector.
The state owned bus enterprise is the only city bus service provider in the city. In the past two years the enterprise has been expanding its routes and increased the number of its buses.