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Tendaho to see two water projects completed by July

Tendaho Dam and Irrigation Project Management building construction and potable water project is expected to be finished by July 8.
According to Kumelachew Abebe, Communications and Public relations process owner at the Ethiopian Water Works Construction Enterprise (EWWCE), the Tendaho Dam and Irrigation Project Management construction has already seen about 90 percent of its work completed. The scheme being constructed by EWWCE has cost the government about 200 million birr.
The Tendaho drinking water supply project, which is expected to cost about 97 million birr is also so far 90 percent completed.  The consultancy company for both projects is the Ethiopian Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise.
Kumlachew further said that the construction of the management buildings began in 2010 but was temporarily delayed after the Awash River broke its bank and partly flooded the work site. The project is only left with finishing works, ceramics fitting and door and window installation.
The Tendaho Dam and Irrigation Project Management buildings’ construction project is expected to include offices, warehouses, sales facilities as well other offices for administrative use.
The Tendaho Sugar potable water project its expected to benefit the surrounding Afar nomadic peoples, nearby towns and the project’s own work force totaling up to 70,000 people. The construction of the project began in 2010 and has so far created employment opportunities for about 500 local Afar people.
The Tendaho Sugar Development Project which is part of the Tendaho dam and irrigation project is also being carried out by EWWCE with the aim of irrigating about 60,000hct of sugar cane. 
The Ethiopian Water Works Construction Enterprise is currently constructing dams, potable water projects, dry ports and buildings with  capital expenditures worth more than 3.1 billion birr.
The Ethiopian Water Works Construction Enterprise is a state owned enterprise functioning for over 60 years executing safe water supply projects in different parts of the nation.
In recent years it has also been executing large scale and medium sized dam and irrigation projects totaling 150,000hct in different regional states of the country. Some of the projects include the Fincha sugar development project, Kesem Kebenna dam and irrigation project and the Gidabo Dam and Irrigation project.