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AAU book festival has something for everyone

Whether you are interested in fiction, medicine, ICT, social studies, academic thesis, old manuscripts, arts, music or cooking; books can open a whole new world.  Organizers at the 6th Addis Ababa book festival, at Sedest Kilo’s Addis Ababa University, which opened last Monday and closes tomorrow, Monday April 9, hopes to get people excited about books encouraging people to enter Addis Ababa University Libraries, read and learn.
“These books have so much to teach but they only have a copy or two so the public will not have access to them out side of the library. That’s why we bring the books out every year and introduce them to the public,” a representative of the Addis Ababa universities libraries said.
Addis Ababa University Press (AAUP) is also featuring publications from other book stores and publishing houses at their annual event, as well as materials from their own library.
Children’s story books in English and Amharic are on sale at the event for up to 30 percent off.