Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Azeb Bihileb

Name: Azeb Bihileb
Education: Diploma
Company name: Ramidus Bar and Restaurant
Studio title: Manager
Founded: 2011
What it does: Gives bar and restaurant service
HQ: Around Airport Customs area
Number of Employees: Six
Startup capital: 30,000 birr
Current capital: Constant

Reason for starting business: I had my own house so I decided to turn it into a business
Biggest plus of ownership: Being your own boss and generating many ideas and applying them
Biggest strength: I’m involved in every aspect of my business; by any chance if one of my employee is not there I am able to do the job
Biggest weakness: None
Smartest Move: Opening the business was a smart move because it has helped me learn lots of things
Biggest worry: None
Favorite task: The whole area of the work is good
Most challenging task: Constantly thinking of new ideas to bring customers in
Plan: Developing my business to a bigger level
First Career: Cashier
Most Interested in meeting: No one
Most admired person: I admire anybody who is honest
Stress reducer: IThere isn’t really anything I do to reduce stress
Favorite past time: Mostly sleeping
Favorite Book: I don’t really read books
Favorite Destination: Anywhere with a beautiful beach
Favorite Automobile: Range Rover
Favorite Film: “Gemena” TV series