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Oromia credit, saving company inaugurates HQs complex

Oromia state chief Alemayehu Atomsa inaugurated the ten storey headquarters of the Oromia credit and Saving Share Company (OCSSCO) named ‘Odaa Tower’ constructed at a cost of 75 million birr on march 31,2012. Alemayehu said the government has put in place viable development policies and strategies to address poverty and unemployment problems both in urban and rural areas. In his welcoming address OCSSCO General Manager Teshome Kebede said the company has benefited many thousands in providing finance. The General Manager explained that starting with only a few branches almost a decade and a half ago, the company has opened 244 branches in different zones and districts in the state to date. The company’s loan portfolio has reached two billion birr serving over half a million customers annually, Teshome said.
(The Ethiopian Herald)