Standing ovation for “Amen”

In “Amen,” a young woman born and raised in America with an identity crisis meets an outlaw in rural Ethiopia. Longing to discover her roots, the young woman asks her father to take her to her homeland. After they make the trip to Ethiopia, they travel around the country so the young woman can get to know her roots. The young man, who is considered an outlaw, has a brother who is killed by questionable police officers. After this, the young man and the police officer become blood enemies.

The two people cross each other’s path when the young woman, together with her father, go exploring around the area where the outlaw lives. Unfortunately he mistakes the car they are in for the police officer’s car and attacks them. As the daughter and the father run out of the car and hide, the father gets bitten by a snake.
Far away from any hospital or help, the daughter starts crying and the outlaw realizes he attacked the wrong people. He tries to help them by taking them to an old lady who is a healer. Then the outlaw finds himself hunting for the medicine the woman’s father desperately needs. During his travel he is joined by the daughter and young boy. A series of events take place in the forest where they were looking for the medicine, including an encounter with the police officer and his allies who want to kill the outlaw. All of this leads up to the happy but somewhat implausible climax.
The film that was widely publicized and was anticipated by cinema goers took a year from the creation of the storyline to the end of its production. Solomon Bogale, Antonya Tesfa, Enkuselasse Workagegehu played the leading roles. The performance that stood out the most was the “outlaw.”
“Amen” is the second production for Yared films. The premier at the National Theater on Monday April 2nd 2012 was packed to the point that people were sitting on the floor. At the end it received a standing ovation.