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Addis goes crazy for “Teddy”

Natty performs at Lafto

Teddy Afro released his new album entitled “Tekur Sew” on April 14th, the eve of Ethiopian Easter. The album will be the artist’s fourth album. It consists of eleven songs nine of which are composed by Michael Hailu, who is known for composing Abel Mulugeta’s “Tegereme” and “Ketero”. He also composed Zeritu Kebede’s “Denezaza” and Michael Belayneh’s “Tezeta”.
Teddy wrote all the music and lyrics for all the songs on his album. “Tekur Sew,” the track which is also the album’s title was composed by the well-known Abegaz Kebrework Shiwota. The voice of play write, poet and author Tsegaye Gebremedhin is also included; reading one of his poems in the song entitled “Kelal Yehonal.” The song “Oh Africa,” another track on the album was recorded live with the Abugida Band. The same song is also being used as a ring tone as a way of promotion and is available for the public. The exclusive sponsor of Teddy Afro’s album is Meta Beer.
Natnael Ayalew, who is also known as ‘Natty Man’, is another artist whose upcoming concert on the 21st of April 2012 at Lafto Mall is being highly anticipated by his fans. Along with Natty, Tsedenya Gebremarkos, Jossy, Betty G and two other surprise artists will also be performing at the concert.
Yaweway dance group in collaboration with dancers from Ha Hu dance group are planning an amazing performance for the concert with Natty. They have been practicing the choreography, which was organized by Mewded Kibru for over a month.
The concert will feature a unique live visual performance with a technology called Vjing. This will be the first time such a performance will be done in Ethiopia. Vjing is a technology that uses a number of big screens to show the audience at the concert what the preparation of the concert looked like from day one, as well as the live concert from different viewpoints; and it is done in such a way that the music videos go along with the live performances on stage. This concert is expected to draw in a large crowd.