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Alta Computec introduces new SHARP office products

Alta Computec Private Limited Company (PLC.) the official representative and dealer for Office products of the Japanese multinational company SHARP,

held a one day workshop on April 9 to introduce new modern printers, video conferencing systems, replacement of projections and Interactive Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs).
Ravinder Kumar, Deputy General Manager and Business Solutions Manager at SHARP Middle East Division said the printers are multifunctional and the interactive LCDs can be used as whiteboards. The new products come in different sizes.
He also said he believes that the different sized new multifunctional printers and multimedia projectors will be especially needed for the Ethiopian market.
Although this occasion was reserved for the introduction of new office supply products, SHARP stated that in the future it intended to also introduce its solar panel products to the market.
Its solar products have already been established in African countries like Kenya and Nigeria, where many streetlights whose electrification is difficult are being powered by solar energy through the installation of cell towers, which are also capable of powering Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).
Ravinder said the company’s strategic plan is to penetrate more and more into the private and government sectors market with intelligent interactive panels which can replace cumbersome old technologies.
Sharp which has been in the Ethiopian market for decades, mainly through its consumer products like TVs, Calculators and Tape recorders, expects to have worldwide turnover capital in 2012 worth USD 40 billion. It’s also one of the sponsors of the EURO 2012 cup to be hosted jointly by Poland and Ukraine.
Cherinet Gebre Giorgis, General Manager of Alta Computec which has been supplying SHARP office products in Ethiopia for the last seven years said “products like copiers, fax machines, printers, and scanners have been popular in large government and private institutions which need their office products to be fully automated and their performance efficient and productive.” 
“Sharp office products have so far been well known for their durability, small maintenance costs, reliable service and being free of defect,” Cherinet told Capital.
He assured potential SHARP customers that because of the product’s high level quality that there was little chance of copycat or forged products intended to be similar or pretend to be its products.
Getachew Hintsa, Maintenance Head at RAMA Construction PLC, said his company has been using SHARP’s multipurpose copiers, printers and scanners for several years and so far has found them to be pretty reliable. “Not only are SHARP’s products reliable but the product maintenance support is good, as well as having good orientation classes which makes me believe they deserve their reputation,” said Getachew.