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Life used to be sacrosanct not to be fiddled with at all; be it casually, callously or even cautiously. But that was then. Today our modern world system has made a mockery of this inarguable time defying belief. In fact, the pontiffs of our civilization seem to consider the whole idea of preserving/propagating life as some kind of wooly sentiment not to be taken seriously. Naturally we cannot have verbal testimony to this effect from entrenched interests, the so-called movers and shakers of the world, but their deeds speak plenty. For these psychopaths,‘Life’, like all the other things in life, is mere stuff (commodity) to be manipulated for their sole benefits, which are nothing more than useless ephemeral gratifications. Initially/historically, there was a justifiable rational for meddling in life-matters, be it directly or indirectly. The whole idea behind the incursion was to help make life itself a bit less painful for humans. Professions like medicine fall under this category while others such as the‘killing industry’ do not!
Let’s examine some of the deeds that speak millions and dwarf the vacuous arguments of entrenched interests. See also Wall’s article next column. The humble and diligent honey bee, like its compatriots within the human species is in serious trouble. Honey bees in North America and Europe are at the verge of extinction. Mind you, these very useful creatures within our life-community are responsible for over 80% of pollination amongst plants of nature. The pesticide/insecticide on which entrenched interests swear by and were meant to kill pests/insects, are now aggressively attacking the world’s honey bees. Unless there is a dramatic reversal, the honeybee’s days are truly numbered, with consequences for the remaining life-community unknown! Concurrently, the human affliction that goes by the name ‘autism’ is on a disturbing rise. For example, one out of every thirty two boys in Utah, USA has ‘autism!’ Utah is a mountain/big sky state and is not your typical industrial melting shop! The paid scientists/institutions of higher learning, etc did not dare make the connection, which was crying out loud! Ditto, the paid media.
The subtle cover-up of the fallout of the recent nuclear power disaster in Fukushima is another case of gross malfeasance on the part of the global status quo.To this day the humble Chernobyl (with only one reactor and no spent fuel to talk about) is still demonized as the worst nuclear disaster ever. Granted, it has caused the death of over a million people, in one form or another, but it certainly was no Fukushima! On the other hand, Fukushima, which packed six nuclear reactors along with massive spent fuels stored inside the reactor buildings, (to avoid the thorny issue of radioactive waste disposal) has not been given Chernobyl’s classification. The reason is simple. Chernobyl was built/run by the commies (USSR) and the commies never had a global machine/network for misinformation, (though they had a local version of it) to undermine/under report the accident!
Since we don’t consider ourselves part of the paid media, we call it as we see it! Right from the start, we opined; Fukushima would end up being the worst nuclear accident in history. Ultimately and mark our words, the global nuclear cabal will be forced to revise its current position,after/if the dust settles down. Today the radiation level inside some of Fukushima’s reactor buildings is so high even robots cannot stay inside for more than a couple of hours; if humans were to go in, they will glow out of existence, literally within minutes! The power plant is still leaking radioactive effluent to land, sea and air. As a result, plants, animals and fish from nearby areas will remain affected by radionuclide for a very long time to come. Immediately after the accident in Fukushima, the US Mountain states, Idaho, etc reported a dramatic increase of involuntary abortion (miscarriage) that almost reached 40%!! Since then the paid scientists/bureaucrats have decided to stop monthly reporting so that such incidents won’t stand out like a sore thumb. Stick around, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
To think the prevailing world order will become sensitive/determined enough to arrest the continuous destruction of life is ludicrous. Just look at the various useless attempts and the vacuous verbiages that are spewed out non-stop by the global establishment (climate conferences, etc.) while the earth burns! The global permafrost are melting, (including the polar ice caps) and are releasing massive amount of methane, one of the most dangerous green house gases around! Devastating drought and continuous desertification has become a permanent feature of this part of the world, the Sahel. Remember Lake Chad, one of the largest inland lakes in the world? Well the water is now gone, leaving us only the mirage; now you see it now you don’t!
We believe our current unsustainable existence, which has been celebrated as progress and circuitously anthropomorphized as the ‘ascent of man’ needs serious interrogation! Also, the market mythology that dictates the blind worshipping of the greed goddess must be reexamined. We cannot fiddle with nature/ life indefinitely with impunity. Humanity better start changing its livelihood immediately otherwise it will pay dearly for its hubris. The real possibility of exiting the blue planet’s life-community altogether, is no more a farfetched proposition for Homo sapiens! No wonder the old philosopher mused: “There is a period of life when we go backwards as we advance.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Good Day!