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Harar Beer does it again

Bruh Tesfa becomes the first company to be awarded in agriculture sector

Harar Beer Share Company receives its second consecutive quality award on April 8 at the Hilton Hotel.
The Ethiopian Quality Award Organization (EQAO) recognized Harar Beer together with eight other enterprises including an innovative irrigation and water supply systems company Bruh Tesfa Irrigation and Water Technology PLC.
Bruh Tesfa Irrigation and Water Technology PLC is a company well known for its pioneering work in drip irrigation technology whereby farms are supplied water through holes in plastic hoses laid on the ground.
It also provides products such as sprinklers irrigation system, machinery irrigation system and filters and fertigations equipment. The company also gives services such as manufacturing, study, design and surveying, installation and maintenance of irrigation equipments.  
EQAO recognized Harar Beer and Biruh Tesfa among the nine governmental and non- governmental organizations which were honored with a first place award at the second national quality awards.  
Prominent government and non-governmental officials were present to observe the recognition and handing over of the awards to the winning enterprises. Among them were Deputy Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn and Renaissance Dam Project Manager Semegnew Bekele.
The first national quality award was held on December 17, 2009 and recognized three governmental and non-governmental organizations from a total of 47 applicants. The three winners were the private Legedembi MIDROC Gold, the governmental Documentation and Authentication Registration Office (DARO) and Harar Beer Share Company.
The second edition winners, placed ahead of 150 nominees, were lauded for their quality service and outstanding products. All received a score of at least 85 on a 100 point scale.
In total however, 52 nominees were accepted for evaluation with 20 from manufacturing sector, six from construction sector, 12 from profit oriented service providers and the rest 12 non-profit service providers. 
“The award was in honor of the company’s employees who for years have worked tirelessly to achieve this recognition,” said Junedin Basha, General Manager of Hara Beer S.Co.
“We are especially focused on cost cutting methods as well as improvements in technology and management, which we believed helped us get recognition twice in a row,” Junedin told Capital.
Harar Beer was recently purchased by the renowned Dutch Firm Heineken known for its beer products like “Amstel” and has 170 factories with more than 70,000 employees.
Harar Beer together with Biruh Tesfa was also two of the only six first place awarded companies to receive the honor with the others being Dashen Beer Factory, Kaliti Metal Products Factory, Bishoftu Hospital and Kombolcha Textile Factory .
Three organizations were given second place award, Mekele University, Bethel Teaching General Hospital and Kombolcha steel metal products Industry PLC. 
Another six enterprises were given a high appreciation certificate.
Among the six which received the certificates were Artistic Printing Press, Ultimate Plan PLC Consulting and Engineers and Saint Mary College. An additional 21 enterprises were given participation certificates.
The second national quality awards focused on seven major categories:  leadership, social impact, customer focus, business performance, business processes, resource management and policies and strategies.
EQAO was established in January 2008, in collaboration with Walta Information Center and the Addis Ababa University. Their goal is to serve as the link between educational institutions, research centers, and public and private sector enterprises. 
The technical committee of the organization which shortlists organizations and decides on finalists and winners is composed of people from the academia, professional associations and consultancy experts from institutions like the Ethiopian Management Institute and the Ethiopian Civil Service University.