Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Michael Tewolde

Name: Michael Tewolde
Education: Degree
Company name: Panda Photography
Studio title: Manager
Founded: Beginning of this year
What it does: Photography
HQ: Bole Medhaniyalem
Number of Employees: One
Startup capital: 50,000 birr
Current capital: 95,000 birr
Reason for starting business: I love photography
Biggest plus of ownership: Not having a boss to tell you what to do, making your own decisions
Biggest strength: I think patience is my biggest strength 
Biggest weakness: Not finishing what I plan to do on time
Smartest Move: Choosing the location of my office and bringing new techniques that weren’t used before in the line of photography
Biggest worry: What worries me is the possibility of rent going up because I do not want to move to a new location
Favorite task: Showing finished products to customers
Most challenging task: People want to receive their pictures the day after I took the shot, so the time constraint can be challenging  
Plan: There are so many beautiful places in Ethiopia and I want to take good photographs of them and show them to the world
First Career: My first career was also in the photography field 
Most interested in meeting: No one
Most admired person: I admire my mother
Stress reducer: Listening to music and going out with friends for tea or coffee
Favorite past time: I swim whenever I have free time
Favorite Book: “Papillion”.
Favorite Destination: I like going to Debre Zeit
Favorite Automobile: Range Rover
Favorite Film: “Vertical Limit”