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Emirates expands to America’s capital

Emirates, one of the most vigorously expanding airlines, is going to fly to Washington DC at the end of this fiscal year, keeping in mind the large number of Ethiopian Diaspora that resides there.


The airline has also dedicated a daily cargo flight from Dubai to Addis Ababa as opposed to its prior practice of servicing Addis Ababa and Entebbe with one airplane. The present move by the airline tremendously increases its freight capacity  to 15 tons per flight say the management.    
“Ethiopia has an emerging industrial sector which is projected to show an annual growth of 11 percent in the next five years. Therefore, we anticipate great interest from the local market in relation to our cargo service designated to Addis Ababa,” said Abdalla Al Zamani, Emirates Manager to Ethiopia.
Emirates has flights to over 120 destinations worldwide in 73 countries. It operates 171 planes while it has placed an order for an astounding 232 more. The airline used to operate 60 air planes in 2004. In less than a decade, it has managed to operate 171 during this fiscal year.
Its wide network, level of service, staff composition and in-flight entertainment are a few of the factors that contributed to the fast development of the airline according to the manager.
Among its 120 destinations world wide, four of them are in China; Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.
“These four destinations are important for both Ethiopian and Chinese business people because many Ethiopians import from these Chinese cities. At the same time, Chinese are among the top investors in Ethiopia. Therefore, our route between Addis Ababa and the four Chinese cities are meant to facilitate trade, strengthen business ties, encourage investment engagement and boost tourism,” added the manager.
Africa as a whole and Ethiopia in particular have registered economic growth despite the global economic down turn. This puts the continent in the limelight of the carrier.
Despite skyrocketing oil prices and fluctuating exchange rates globally, it has cashed in more than 1.5 billion dollars as profit; selling out 79 percent of its seats last fiscal year. The airline aims at transporting one billion people this year. It has created employment opportunities for citizens of 120 countries. It has created 230 job opportunities for Ethiopians of which 119 are cabin crew. 
Emirates is currently the world’s largest airline operator of triple seven Boeing aircraft and the only airline to operate every model in the Boeing 777 family. In addition to being the largest Airbus aircraft operator, it also operates some 21 A380 Airbus aircrafts, while it has ordered 69 more. Emirates aspires to operate an ambitious 250 aircraft fleet by 2020.