Ethiopian national boxing squad travels to Rabat

Ethiopian national boxing squad travels to Morocco-Rabat for 2012 London Olympic qualification bouts. More than 100 boxers from 25 African nations reached Rabat in time to book a place in the 30th London Olympic.
After two months intensive preparation under national trainer Inspector Solomon Zina, the four members of the Ethiopian national squad flewto Morocco to join the other well conditioned athletes aspiring to reach the Olympics. The selection of boxers to represent the continent is said to be one of the toughest in Olympic history.
According to Solomon Zina, the Ethiopian squad has been under intensive preparation for the past two months and in his opinion are very likely to be among the continents’ elites. Gebreselassie Addis, Surafel Getachew, Theodros Tilahun and Mekbeb Kemal are those traveling to Rabat for the qualification campaign that kicks-off Friday 25 April 2012. “We are all well prepared to the qualification campaign so that we can fly the tri color at London Olympic,” Gebreselassie remarked.
Ethiopia has sent two boxers each to the Athens and Sydney Olympics, then Getachew Molla to Beijing Olympic four years back only for his return home without throwing a single punch for he being overweight in his category.

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