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Ethiopian national league season reaches critical

Ethiopian national league season reaches to its most critical stage that is a battle of a one round between the ten sides that finished winner and runner-up of the six groups. A six aside two groups fixtures out of which the two that finished top of the groups to meet for a semi final clash with the winners to a straight booking a promotion to next season Ethiopian premier league.
Sebeta Town from Western zone, WolaytaDitcha from Southern zone, Dashen Brewery from Northern zone, and Lidetta Nyala from Central zone (B) have already claimed their place for the do or die qualification campaign. Lidetta Nyala under head coach Kemal Ahmed is eight points clear of runner-up Ethiopian Water Works whom have already joined the ten heavy weights ready for the big battle. Under head coach Asrat Haile, Insurance is in pole position of winning central zone (A) group table although it has some remaining matches that could rock its dream of winning the group. Burayu Town and Addis Ababa Town are in a head on battle to grab the group runner-up spot. Dashen Brewery under head coach Abdo Kedir takes the Northern zone winning spot with Mekele Town just there knocking the door win the runner up spot. A surprise second round comes back to Werabe Town, who with a little luck will qualify  to follow group winner WolaytaDitcha. The winners and runner-ups of the six groups plus two best third places will be drawn into two groups, all matches taking place here in Addis Ababa. Two sides are to join the top flight replacing those two relegated to the national league at the end of the current season.