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German School becomes member of PASCH, celebrates 40th anniversary

The German Church School (GCS) in Addis Ababa became part of the global German Partner School (PASCH)

while celebrating its 40th anniversary last Friday, just a week after Goethe Institute marked its 50 years of cultural service in Ethiopia. 
“Today marks a new and significant step in the history of GCS. I am glad to officially announce that the GCS has become a member of the worldwide network of PASCH schools,” said Lieserlore Cyrus, the German Ambassador to Ethiopia.  
PASCH stands for an initiative dubbed as ‘Schools: Partner for the future.’ It links around 1,500 schools in which the teaching of German language has particularly high priority. It is an initiative of the foreign Ministry of Germany in cooperation with the Central Agency for School Abroad, Goethe Institute, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and the Educational Exchange Service of the Standing Conference (PAD).  
The school was established 40 years ago to support a marginalized group of Ethiopian children. Over the past four decades of its existence, GCS has gone through a lot of improvements. In 1991, it built a center for social service through buying a compound in the neighborhood of the German Church located around Jan Meda, up in the north of Addis Ababa Sidist Kilo near Anbessa Gibi. The new building gave room to 110 women and girls who were taught Amharic, English, sewing and cooking.
In 1976 some reorientation was made to the Social Service Center and it became a school. The move toward creating the school was to allow access for boys. The formal foundation of the school occurred in 1979 when the Ministry of Education certified the school’s work. In 1989 the integrated education program for visually impaired students started.  At present the school provides primary education in the regular day schedule and evening classes for both children and adults.   
GCS has currently 551 students in the regular program and 298 in the adult program. It also has a kindergarten. Students are provided with free schooling, a meal once in a day, a shoe once in a year, 65 birr transport fee every month and a school uniform every two years.
It receives funding from three charity organizations to provide its service: Kindernothilfee.V, Christian Blind Mission, and the Finish Organization Inerpedia.