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Great Run’s early registration to stop duplicated T-shirts

A new registration system is in the works for the Great Ethiopian Run that takes place on Sunday November 25, 2012. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) kept the title sponsorship of the 12th edition of the biggest race in Africa.
Every year there is a huge demand for places in the Great Ethiopian Run 10Km.The race has ballooned to 36,000 participants from 10,000 in 2002.
The new registration system is designed to avoid T- shirts being illegally copied and sold, and to ensure people get the size of shirt they ordered. It will also allow the organizers to keep up with the ever increasing demand.

“In previous years, T-shirts that should have been sold for 70 to 80 birr were sold for 150 to 200 birr on the black market at the last minute. When our T-shirts are duplicated and sold illegally it gives our race a bad name,” Ermiays Ayele, Manager of the Great Ethiopian Run, explained on Tuesday April 17th 2012 at Taitu Hotel.
This year’s official T-shirts will not be shown to the public until a week before the event. When participants register and pay they will receive a coupon.  A week before the race they will be able to collect their T-shirts at a sport expo that will be hosted by the Great Ethiopian Run from November 21-24.
Individual registration for the Great Ethiopian Run will start on Monday 23 April 2012 at eight Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) branches located at Africa Godana, China-Africa road, Haya Hulet, Meshualekia, Mehal Gebeya Merkato, Sengatera, Arada Giorgis Piazza and Selassie Arat Kilo.
The title sponsor of the Great Ethiopian Run CBE currently has 526 branches throughout the country. CBE is also taking the lead in supporting sports in Ethiopia, which includes male and female soccer clubs competing in the Ethiopian premier league.
“We are very proud to be sponsoring the biggest road race in Africa. The event is not just about running it also tackles social problems. CBE as the oldest bank in Ethiopia does the same,” said Melika Bedri, Vice President of the Information Systems Department of CBE.
The bank was presented with the official poster of the race signed by Haile Gebreselassie as an appreciation from the Great Ethiopian Run.
Great Ethiopian Run has many races on its calendar before the big one. It includes the EVERY ONE campaign race in Hawassa, Europe Day race, Ring Road rally, Coca-Cola race series and Plan International children’s race.