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Multilink Consulting wins Arc of Europe quality award

Multilink Consulting, an investment consulting firm based in Addis Ababa, has won the international quality award of the 38th International Arc of Europe (IAE). The company is scheduled to receive its Gold category award on April 30, 2012 at a ceremony that will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany. 
“On the basis of IAE regulations and criteria of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model, Multilink Consulting has been designated to receive the IAE international Arc of Europe Award in the Gold category in Frankfurt,” reads the letter sent to the winning company on January 25, 2012.  
The QC100 Total Quality Management Model is a highly technical tool for the management of models of communication with clients, suppliers and employees, allowing general managers of different companies awarded by Business Initiative Directions (BID) to manage customer satisfaction and human resources. It also stimulates improvement of the company systems and processes, helping companies to focus on profitable areas.  
“I run a consulting firm called Multilink Consulting. It achieved a lot in the last 10 years of its operation of which the last five year are extraordinary. Our area of specialization is investment consulting. We have close to 120 clients, both locally and internationally. Among our client, you can find Heineken International, Sunshine, Belayab, Beteret, GCF Business, and Alsam. We are currently doing the feasibility study for the expansion of Harar and Bedele brewery. I think the award we are going to receive at the end of this month is in recognition of our contribution in consulting and marketing feasible investment ideas,” said Samson Tsedeke, Managing Director of the consulting firm.
MultiLink Consulting provides consulting service in the field of business management, project development, feasibility study, investment advisory and financial consulting. It is currently providing consulting service in sectors like agriculture, agro-processing, chemicals and other related industries such as construction and construction materials, manufacturing, metals, mining, and textiles.
BID’s primary activity is oriented towards sharing quality culture with leading companies worldwide in their area of expertise.
The founding team of BID, formed by engineers, physicists, mathematicians, economists, sociologists and journalists, continues contributing ideas and improvements to the QC100 and giving more opportunities for all those companies investing in quality processes.
BID is currently the most important private organization in the world in terms of presenting quality awards. It is professionally related with companies in different countries whose products and services help position them as leaders, who invest in innovation, technology, training and installations.
The BID Quality Awards Annual program is created to recognize the prestige of the featured companies, organizations and entrepreneurs. The ceremonies are attended by companies of different countries, together with leaders of many business sectors, professionals of the world economy, arts and corporate image, quality experts as well as academics, celebrities and diplomatic representatives. The awards are presented in three general categories: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.