Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Samuel Yalayenew

Name: Samuel Yalayenew
Education: Degree
Company name: Seattle Cleaning Solutions
Studio title: Manager
Founded: 2007
What it does: Provides general cleaning services and imports cleaning materials
HQ: Wolo Sefer next to Ambasel Building
Number of Employees: 17
Startup capital: 740,000 birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: I have been interested in cleaning for a long time and it is a profitable business.
Biggest plus of ownership: Having the opportunity to provide employment to people
Biggest strength: Being hard working, starting with very little and becoming successful without anybody’s help.
Biggest weakness: None.
Smartest Move: Opening my own business.
Biggest worry: None.
Favorite task: Doing a good job providing cleaning services
Most challenging task: Meeting deadlines
Plan: I want to expand my business, bring in latest models of cleaning materials into the country.
First Career: I used to work in my parent’s shop growing up.
Most Interested in meeting: Anybody who has worked hard and gotten themselves somewhere
Most admired person: I admire my father and my little brother
Stress reducer: Swimming
Favorite past time: I don’t really have any free time
Favorite Book: “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
Favorite Destination: I like going to Debre Zeit and Dubai
Favorite Automobile: Anything that is big and works well
Favorite Film: “Aby vs. Vegas”