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Elfora inaugurates 6th slaughterhouse in Metehara

Elfora Agro-industry inaugurated a modern export slaughterhouse in Metehara, 200 kms south east of Addis Ababa in the Oromiya Regional State, yesterday. Elfora Agro-industry, part of the Midroc Ethiopia Technology Group of Companies, constructed the modern meat export facility at a cost of more than 15 million birr. The new slaughter house increased the number of slaughter houses owned by the company to six.  
The modern slaughterhouse is constructed to export fresh meat with bones. It has the capacity to slaughter 18 tons of sheep and goats, store and export the meat to the market per day. It works three days a week by providing 54 tons of fresh meat a week, 216 tons a month and 2,400 tons a year for export.
The slaughter house is equipped with a modern temperature controlling system, so that the quality of the meat is uncompromised. The facility is also equipped with a modern waste removal system as well as vehicles that have cooling systems.
Experts estimate that the new slaughter house can gross USD 12 million yearly.
The slaughterhouse needs 360,000 cattle per year to fulfill its export demand. Its opening is also expected to boost market opportunity for pastoralists in the area.
The slaughterhouse has a waiting space that can accommodate 10,000 sheep and goats and 4,000 cattle.
The new establishment is expected to open employment opportunities for about 200 people.
Metehara Slaughterhouse project was carried out by a cooperation that involved Elfora, Samara Trading and a foreign company called Abdela Hussen Ali Al Amoudi. 
The event was attended by government officials, customers of the company and employees of MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group of Companies.