Ethiopian visual artists showcase work

The sixth edition of the art exhibition series “Meeting Here” was held at the German Development Cooperation Office, Addis Ababa on Thursday April 26th 2012. The exhibition featured Roshan Linsi, a Swiss-Ethiopian artist who showcased her paintings. Roshan was born in 1965 in Addis Ababa. She has worked as a performing and installation artist in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Turkey. She now paints and lives in Addis Ababa.
The other artist that showcased his work was Nuru Abegaz. He showed contemporary art using different colored duct tape with the mix of paint. “Seven years ago I discovered Nastro as a suitable medium. Nastro is a semitransparent electrical tape that is available in different colors. Though the choice of colors are limited, the overlapping and layering of the primary colors and deliberately leaving part of the surface blank allows me to achieve a vibrating energetic life to my work,” said Nuru.
The third artist that participated in the exhibition was John Downey who showcased his photographs of Ethiopia. John started documenting his travels with snapshots in 1992. But by 1996 however he was more interested in photography as a powerful communication medium. The photographs he showcased at the exhibition capture the landscape, historical places and people of Ethiopia.
“The value in great photograph is its timelessness and the ability to tell a story, be it in a single image or via several frames. For me environmental portraits that combine still life with a human element make the most arresting and telling imagery. I thoroughly enjoy imparting what I have learned to others who are interested in this art. Anyone can make great images with patience, persistence and practice,” said John.
He currently lives, works and photographs in Ethiopia.
“Meeting Here” exhibition will stay open to the public until May 25th 2012.