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Federation secures over USD 24 mln. from sesame export

The Tigray Multipurpose Farmers Federation said it secured over 24 USD million from export of sesame in the past eight months. Federation Manager, Kidu Woldeselassie told the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) that the stated income was secured from the export of over 182,000 quintals of sesame. He said the produce was exported to 18 sesame importers companies from various countries including China, Japan, Netherlands, Jordan, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) and Nigeria. According to him, the obtained income exceeded that of last year by USD 7.5 million. The better performance of the Federation was attributed to efficient collection of sesame produce from farmers. The Federation has exported 135,000 quintals of sesame, incense, sorghum amounting to USD 17 million last year. “The Federation’s capital has reached 24 million birr from seven million birr two years ago,” he said.
(Daily Monitor)