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On time: City Clock for promotion

Addis Ababa like most capital cities around the globe is set to have city clocks installed in many of its squares.

The city clock is designed, assembled and installed by Yohannes  Abebe Printing and Advertizing Company. The first of the series of clocks was installed on the square opposite to Edna mall and facing  Bole Medhanialem Church last Wednesday.  The company plans to erect about 500 such clocks throughout the 11 sub cities of Addis Ababa until the end of 2013. The move is said to provide alternative means for advertisers.    
“City Clocks harmonize perfectly with the most varied urban settings. They provide an effective and efficient way of displaying information; and serve dual purposes.  Anybody who is interested in knowing what time it is, will also see the advertizing message embodied in it,” argues Debebe Fikadu, Marketing Manager of the printing and advertizing company.
According to the marketing manager, the company has incurred more than 150,000 birr for the development of the city clocks over a period of one year.
The company has designed and assembled the clock with technical advice from Metal and Engineering Corporation, a recently established military engineering complex.   
“After we realized that a new approach is needed to advertize products, we decided to import the clock from China but that became expensive; costing around 5,800 dollars each. As a result we changed our mind and tried to assemble it here in Ethiopia. Only the engine is imported and the remaining 90 Pct of the product is made here. 
The engine costs USD 130 to import and the power comes from a heavy duty battery, but they hope to use solar power in the future. The unit is made of fiberglass reinforced with polyester resistant to adverse weather conditions, a four-sided illuminated display module, clock, and metal. The publicity case comprises four advertising panels each measuring 50 x 70 centimeter and illuminated from within by fluorescent tubes while the clock lies over a 70 x 70 centimeter area. The three meters high clock is expected to perform accurately in all seasons of the year. 
The city of Addis Ababa already has a tower clock and walled clock.A tower clock of Pepsi around National Stadium and the Walled Clock of the House of Peoples Representatives among the major ones.