Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Alemtsehay Lelissa

Name: Alemtsehay Lelissa
Education: Degree
Company name: Bama Souvenirs 
Studio title: Manager
Founded: Early 2012
What it does: Sells cultural clothing and jewelry
HQ: Hawassa, Haile Resort
Number of Employees: Three
Startup capital: 20,000birr
Current capital: 70,000birr
Reason for starting business: I enjoy the work and I want to introduce Ethiopian culture to people
Biggest plus of ownership: Working hard and seeing the success
Biggest strength: Not giving up and working hard
Biggest weakness: Sometimes I get tired when there is a lot of work
Smartest Move: Opening the business even though I had little capital
Biggest worry: None
Favorite task: Communicating with people, taking their orders
Most challenging task: Constantly thinking of ideas to bring more customers in
Plan: To open a business in Addis Ababa and other countries
First Career: Teacher
Most Interested in meeting: T.B. Joshua
Most admired person: my husband
Stress reducer: I listen to spiritual songs
Favorite past time: Going out of town with my husband and daughter
Favorite Book: The Holy Bible
Favorite Destination: Hawassa.
Favorite Automobile: None
Favorite Film: : I am not into watching movies