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Company building irrigation infrastructure

The Gambella Saudi Star Rice Development Company launched construction of irrigation infrastructure that would develop 10,000 hectares in Gambella state. Project Head Representative with the company Deirbew Shanko told the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) that a 30 km canal connecting the Alero Dam with the farm is being constructed. The construction of the irrigation infrastructure is estimated to cost 89 USD million. Deribew said the company has taken various activities so far including the construction of a 21 km tunnel. The farm is expected to create job opportunity to over 5,000 people. The farm has already created 800 new jobs to the local community. Project beneficiaries Ariyat Ujulu and Ariyat Ubong on their part said they’ve managed to improve their livelihoods. The company is developing 350 hectares by harnessing water from Alero River.
(The Ethiopian Herald)