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All news are information, but not all information are news or should be news. Some information are just trivia and don’t matter much in the scheme of things, like knowing the number of films an actress made in her life time (movie trivia) or the number of goals a football player scored last year (sports trivia.) Naturally some information are considered more relevant and important, but who decides which are relevant/important and which are not? By and large, it is those who control the broadcasting media; TV, radio and newspapers that actually rule on such matters, at least at the level of the global public space. Private spaces are also filled with all sorts of information, ranging from the deeply intellectual and highly technical to mere gossips of the pubs. The difference here is, they don’t get air time and press pages. In other words, they are not broadly casted. But things are changing!
In today’s world, news items that are chosen for broadcasting must fulfill certain explicit and implicit criterion set by those who are in direct control of the established global order. The broadcasting outfits are managed by corporate conglomerates and state agencies. Global broadcasting, at least as a weapon, squarely belongs to the 1%, to use the slogan of the Occupy Movement – ‘1% vs 99%.’  Don’t forget this same 1% also controls the state, (via its paid politicians) and hence indirectly controls the state media as well. Only last week we witnessed such a situation in action. It was revealed News Corporation that owns, amongst other things, the Fox network, was furiously lobbying the British government to subdue the less indoctrinating/misinforming news of the BBC. The Murdoch conglomerate clearly operated Mafia-like network across the globe to get what it wants; be it from the state, the market, etc. Remember the old Aljazeera, which became the number one brand in the world beating the likes of Coca Cola and McDonalds in a very short time? That was of course before the Fox cabals descended on its board and operation (compliment of the 1%) to make sure it remains in the fold, just like the other run-of-the-mill broadcasters. To be number one is of no value, if it is achieved by telling the truth!
The framing of the whole global problematic as the ‘1% vs. 99%’ was a clever concoction of the deepening Occupy Movement. In terms of explanatory power it might not be a match to Marx’s ‘ruling class vs the mass’, but as a catchy and appropriate slogan of the time, it knocks the good old Marx’s slogan hands down! This easy to understand and easy to verify slogan is what is scaring the life out of the established global order, particularly the parasitic elements within it, like high finance, etc. As we have been saying from the very beginning, the global status-quo will spare no energy combating the rising grass root democratic movement. That is why the propaganda machines are now on full throttle. But we ask our characteristic stupid question; is it possible to crush an idea whose time has come? Only time will tell!
Up until now ‘Newspeak’, the preaching of the established global order has been very determined in its objectives and relentless in its tactics: ‘war is peace’, ‘love is hate’, ‘poverty is prosperity’, ‘unsustainability is sustainability’, ‘WMD is all over’, etc. Recently, however, the dormant beast (human mass) has started to challenge this destructive ideology of the ruling psychopaths. As its forage starts to dwindle, the beast is becoming increasingly restless and wants to reassess the whole matter carefully; economic, political, etc. As a result, the internet, which allowed the beast some voice of its own, is systematically targeted for control by the 1%. News items that couldn’t have seen the light of day in the establishment media are now popping up all over via social media, blogging, etc and this is painfully distressing and frightening to the masters. The beast must fight tooth and nail to protect its own hard won media outlets; otherwise it will be back to the future: “No news is good news.” Good Day!