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3rd edition of EVERY ONE Races in Hawassa takes big step forward

More than 3000 participants including more than fifty runners from overseas and around 800 runners from Addis Ababa took part in the 3rd edition of the EVERY ONE Races in Hawassa yesterday. In the main half-marathon race Ethiopian athletes occupied all podium places, reversing the victories of Kenyan athletes in the two previous editions of the race. Habtamu Assefa (1:03:38) and Zeytuna Areb (1:13:40) were the individual winners.

Earlier in the morning a field of mainly international fun runners had taken part in the non-elite half-marathon race where the winners were Mulate Esubalew (1:14:58) and Michaela Sill (1:41:37). Haile Gebrselassie spent the weekend in Hawassa, attending numerous functions on Saturday in support of the EVERY ONE campaign and then on Sunday at the race where he started several of the races and awarded prizes to the winners. At the post-race lunch at his hotel Haile Resort Gebrselassie urged participants to “keep competing, because if you compete it makes you want to train every day” and to keep coming to Hawassa, which he described as “a great place to run and a great place to relax.” The start and finish of the races had been moved from outside Haile Resort to the central roundabout in the city centre outside Gabriel Church, thus taking advantage of a large and exciting crowd of spectators who stayed at the event throughout the morning.

This was the 4th mass-participation race staged in Hawassa by Great Ethiopian Run over the past five years and the 74th race staged in total by Great Ethiopian Run in its 12-year history. Such was the success of yesterday’s event that race organizers are already making plans for a bigger event in Hawassa for the second half of 2013.


Position Athlete Name Time

1 Habtamu Assefa 1:03:38

2 Sintayehu Merga 1:03:49

3 Tsegaye Assefa 1:04:02

4 Abera Chane 1:04:26 5

5 Feyisa Tesfaye 1:04:34


Position Athlete Name Time

1 Zeytuna Areb 1:13:40

2 Tsegereda Girma 1:14:03

3 Kenene Asefa 1:14:12

4 Zehara Kedir