Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Endale Mola

Name: Endale Mola.

Education: High School graduate.

Company name: Beauty Studio.

Studio title: Manager, stylist.

Founded: 2002

What it does: Beauty Salon.

HQ: Abenet.

Number of Employees: four.

Reason for starting business: I love the profession.
Biggest plus of ownership: Being your own boss.
Biggest strength: loving my work, my confidence and my ability to communicate with people.
Biggest weakness: Maybe using time effectively, I think my business would have been a lot bigger by now.
Smartest Move: Opening the business.
Biggest worry: At this point I don’t think I have any worries.
Favorite task: Styling customers, I like to see them look good when they leave my chair.
Most challenging task: Entertaining all the different personalities that come to my shop.
Plan: Expanding the business.
First Career: Machine operator for plastic factories.
Most Interested in meeting: Nelson Mandela.
Most admired person: My sisters, they have given me a lot of encouragement.
Stress reducer: There are times when we have a lot of customers so when that happens we will be more organized to avoid stress.
Favorite past time: Going out of town.
Favorite Book: I read a lot of spiritual books.
Favorite Destination: Hawassa.
Favorite Automobile: Rav4.
Favorite Film: “Shefu” and “Titanic”.