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Laphto Center hosts female centered art show

Established and well-known Ethiopian and foreign artists’ along with emerging ones struggling to escape obscurity will shine when a new exhibition featuring female artists opens May 24  at the Ethiopian Contemporary Arts Gallery (ECAG) The first annual Women Artists Art Exhibition will run from  May 24th to June 14th at the Ethiopian Contemporary Arts Gallery (ECAG) Laphto Center. The grand opening of “Inspired Women” is expected to attract 1200 invited guests and 5000 visitors.

ECAG believes that artists who are women need to be encouraged, given an opportunity to display their work and a platform to network to exchange and vocalize their ideas, dreams and concerns. 

Many skilled female art school graduates seem to disappear from the art world after being absorbed by marital life and the need to provide income to support their families. ECAC says they hope the gallery serves as an empowering force in the lives of female artists by giving them a space where they can support each other and become recognized for their creativity.  They feel their display will provide a receptive market. The exhibition will feature 29 Ethiopian and five foreign artists. ECAG partnered up with Laphto Center, located in the Old Airport area because it is considered an architectural marvel. The art gallery is located on the top floor of the center in a space designed to enhance the display of art. The gallery has already staged shows and exhibitions by famous and emerging artists.

The Ethiopian Contemporary Arts Gallery (ECAG) was established in 2011 by a group of artists, curators and others who are interested in the development and development and support of Ethiopian art and culture. ECAG will showcase a schedule of diverse programs touching on different aspects of art including paintings, sculptures, photography, multimedia and installations.