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New Standards to meet WTO, GTP goals


Could new health standards make Ethiopia a destination for medical tourism? The Ethiopian Standards agency is hoping 12 new health care rules will accomplish that very goal.

On May 10th the National Standards Council discussed 536 recently ratified regulations which they say will help meet the goals of the Growth and Transformation Plan while at the same time helping Ethiopia meet criteria required for WTO membership. 

Not only should the standards increase productivity and development there is hope they will bring in more foreign exchange. “It took two years to set new standards for health care facilities because there was no precedent. We hope to attract medical tourism once we begin enforcing them,” said Legesse Gebre, Standards Director.

Ratified by the National Standards Council, on May 2 at its fourth regular session, the agency is trying to spread the word to businesses about the new standards by offering training and technical support as well as providing information at the Agency’s documentation office.

Cereal: 52
Oil Seeds: 43
Fertilizers: 61
Dairy: 139
Leather: 109
Textile: 26
Health Care: 12
Cement: 15
Metal: 13
Water pumps: 18
Soaps: 48
A sample of the 536 new, nationally enforced standards

Sector Benefit
Health Care Tourism
Agriculture Better water pumps, fertilizer, machines, higher crop yields
Security Preventing Trade Fraud
Industry Textiles, Leather, Construction increasing efficiency and quality