Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Anwar Moshe

Name: Anwar Moshe
Education: High school
Company name: Wholesale shop
Studio title: Co-manager
Founded: 2011
What it does: Distributer of different items like bottled water and packed food
HQ: Merkato
Number of Employees: Four

Reason for starting business: I started the business to support myself
Biggest plus of ownership: The freedom to make your own decisions
Biggest strength: Being able to communicate with different people
Biggest weakness: I get angry easily, sometimes
Smartest Move: Starting the business
Biggest worry: I don’t really have anything that worries me, not that I can think of
Favorite task: I like the whole process of my work
Most challenging task: None.
Plan: To grow in my business, I want to be a role model to others
First Career: I worked in the same business as I do now
Most Interested in meeting: I follow the Muslim Faith, I would like to meet religious leaders
Most admired person: I have some friends who encourage me
Stress reducer: I don’t really do anything, I just work
Favorite past time: I don’t get a lot of free time but if I do I spend time with my friends
Favorite Book: “Sekina”, it is a religious book
Favorite Destination: Hawassa.
Favorite Automobile: Lifan
Favorite Film: None