Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Colossal Defence construction

The Defence Construction Enterprise (DFC) under the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has commenced the construction of the ministry’s new headquarters at a cost of 1.3 billion birr.
The new head quarters that will replace the current office, located in the heart of the capital city around National Theatre, is to be constructed at the western side of the city in the compound of the former airport (Old Airport) or in front of National Defence Hospital.
According to sources, DFC is expected to conclude the construction within three years.
MoD, which is one of the four federal offices that gets major budget allocations from federal government, is currently using the Ministry of Defence building regained during the independence struggle from the Italian occupation.
The ministry’s staff and duties are vast and its current office is small.
Sources said that the new building will have five angles like the Pentagon in the USA  and will be more comfortable and significantly larger in comparison with the current one.
According to sources, the project is being consulted by Defence Design and Consulting Enterprise, authorised by MoD. Experts said that the cost of the project can indicate the intended massiveness of the new building. Currently the ministry’s office has several branch offices and compounds in the city. Old airport, which will be the future head office of MoD, remains on of the areas in Addis Ababa where there has been visible military presence for the past four decades.
In addition to the national security, the national defence ministry is managing higher education facilities and different developmental enterprises that are engaged in national development sectors. 
DCE is a profitable organ that was established by the Council of Ministers’ regulation in 2010 with the merger of Defence Construction and Engineering Enterprise and Kality construction and Construction Material Production Enterprise at the cost of 276.4 million birr, to undertake governmental or large private civil construction projects. Currently the enterprise is undertaking several governmental projects including road and industries.