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Egalité and sustainability

Sustaining collective life or at least not intentionally and actively destroying it requires at the minimum, some awareness of natural phenomenon. To this end, modernity has excelled in immersing itself into the fine workings of nature than any hitherto existing global system. In spite of this or maybe because of it, modernity also became the most voracious consumer of resources as well as the most aggressive destroyer of general life and its support systems, probably since the times of the dinosaurs. Its theology, which is anchored on the thesis of unlimited growth, had undermined almost all naturally occurring phenomenonon which it managed to lay its hands on! Is this theology/ideology sustainable?
In any organized society it is those who are in power, whether by the will of the majority or by the minority, that decide on almost all matters regarding collective existence. Not so infrequently, however, the leaders/elites’ societal management falls short of the beast’s (human mass) humble/honest expectation. As a result, violent confrontations have been interspersing social orders all over. Such phenomenon are now becoming the norm even in the materially comfortable countries of the west.
The Greeks (the Spaniards and the Italians will probably follow soon) are refusing to bow down to the dictates of global finance that operates within the nation-states structures. The Greeks are threatening to destabilize the workings of the global banking cabals, if their demands are not met. The radical left, which is leading the polls (to use the framing of establishment media), is proposing ‘nonpayment’ of all Greek debts, unless the austerity measures are completely suspended or significantly watered down! Austerity measures usually affect the majority in any country and this refusal by a large number of people portends a seismic change in the financial management of the modern world system. This is another sign of the global mass flexing its muscle. Don’t forget when push comes to shove the beast will react. The North African experience of the last eighteen months is only a more robust version of this momentous global mass uprising. If the trend continues we can expect the gradual ascendance of a relatively more egalitarian and democratic global order. What does this entail?
To start with, the more pressing needs of humanity, which so far have been relegated to the back burner, by the current ruling elite, will force themselves to the fore. The fixation of the status quo, ‘the alpha and omega of existence is growth, growth, growth…’ will be challenged and deconstructed, comprehensively and democratically, without the destructive interference of the cynically abusive entrenched interests. As it stands, the global ruling elites just don’t have what it takes to see the elephant in the room. Established lies that are ceaselessly perpetuated by the 1% through the institutions it controls and hence influence (the likes of WB, IMF, WTO, UN, universities, media, entertainment, etc) will be confronted by fresh articulation that are solidly based on scientific evidence, human logic and the working of mother nature. Man-made constructs such as; the ‘economy’, ‘development’, etc will have to be put on the backburner, (in turn) as the burning issue becomes either collective life or collective death!  
Only societies oriented towards egalitarian and democratic principles can address the grave matter of survival on planet earth. The preoccupation of global leaders (mostly on behalf of the1%) is to forcefully maintain the prevailing distasteful polarizing globalization. The recent G-8 meeting, which took place in Camp David, Maryland, rather than in Chicago, where it was originally planned, is a clear example of failure of leadership on the part of the global elite. Even tackling the relatively mundane crisis of global business/economics proved insurmountable to our world leaders. Incidentally, it is/was the restlessness of the Chicago beast (human mass) that forced the change of venue for the G-8 summit! To avoid another Seattle like debacle (1999) the collective security agencies decided it will be the forest fortress of Camp David where the meeting should be held. Tell-tale signs of things to come.
We admit the existing irrational system will not just go away because it is irrational; it has to be dismantled by the conscious efforts of those who want a more humane and sustainable life. As one of the old revolutionaries framed it, rather early, when the prevailing modern world system was just coming of age; “Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind.” George Washington. Good Day!