Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Anteneh Moges

Name: Anteneh Moges
Education: Bachelers in Computer Science 
Company name: EAS software technology 
Studio title: General Manager
Founded: September 2008
What it does: All Information Technology consulting and related works
HQ: Global Hotel
Number of Employees: Eight
Reason for starting business: We saw the gap in IT services and the competitive advantage our company can have in that regard.
Biggest plus of ownership: Ability to realize your mission and vision
Biggest strength: I’m a professional in my work 
Biggest weakness: Sometimes I’m too lenient
Smartest Move: The opening of the company was timely 
Biggest worry: Satisfying my customers and employees
Favorite task: Doing system analysis
Most challenging task: Raising awareness about IT related problems
To open franchises of the company in every region of Ethiopia 
First Career: Teacher
Most Interested in meeting: No one in particular
Most admired person: My father
Stress reducer: Meeting and chatting with my friends
Favorite past time: Watching movies
Favorite Book: “The Count of Monte Cristo”
Favorite Destination: Hawassa.
Favorite Automobile: Mercedes Benz
Favorite Film: Malcolm X