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House Speaker says parliamentarians’ contribution vital to foster development

The contribution of parliamentarians in fostering political, economic and social developments as well as advancement of the people they represent is vital, Speaker of the Ethiopia’s House of People’s Representatives has said.
Speaking at the 60th Session of the Executive Committee of the African Parliamentary Union (APU) held on Tuesday in Addis Ababa, Abadula Gemeda said APU is expected to address the crisis in Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan, in this regard.
Abadulla also said APU has to strengthen the ongoing efforts to create linkage and cooperation among parliamentarians and national parliaments.
Since its establishment in 1976, APU has passed various important recommendations and raised its voice for freedom of colonized nations, Abadula said.
It has also conducted awareness raising and capacity building forums with a view to building the capacity of parliamentarians and national parliaments of the continent.
Executive Committee Chairperson, Angel Serafin-Serich Dougan Malabo for her part said APU will continue to encourage national parliaments to make the necessary efforts to achieve peace, security and sustainable development at the national and international level.
The Chairperson said APU supports the initiatives of ECOWAS and the African Union to restore peace and ensure the return of constitutional order in Equatorial Guinea and Guinea-Bissau.
(Press Release)